specializes in

human resource

management of

expatriates for





in environment


of matter and housing.

The company focuses on

On-site assistance and training.

We provide full-service concepts,

for high-tech & microchip fabs and

DryTronicâ moisture control systems;

incl. administration, marketing, PR, etc.

There are quite a number of products and services in correlation with wellness as well as matter, housing and some kind of decontamination e.g. of mold / fungicides and related diseases. Most commonly used methods are - if working at all - deal with one or more symptoms or try hamper or to eliminate a few cases / issues caused by moisture, seepage, or temporary flooding, etc. the majority act on a very regional knowledge basis and are not aware that a moisture control and repelling system called Drytronic® of Germany, in combination with special electrodes and natural doted normal mortar, can do the job a lot better, beyond most expectations. Easy, less invasive, flexible, multiple purpose use along with faster results are also a benefit of the combined process, which makes it also very feasible for inhomogeneous construction material as used for instance in historic buildings. We are looking for independent profit center representatives, contractors and local dealers.

We have an extensive and impressive list of satisfied customers that range from famous buildings, museums, churches and individual family homes. Please call for references.

Beside this business field, we also offer our multiple task knowledge from supporter to crisis and interim manager along with other very flexible, innovative solution providing capabilities.